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Singer/Songwriter Josie Hargis is an emerging Positive Country & Gospel artist out of a small town in Arkansas. Josie has always had a driving love for singing and would frequently sing specials at church as a young girl. In 2019, she had the opportunity to resume her passion by joining the Grace Cowboy Band as a lead singer and has been growing in both her pursuit for music and her pursuit for Jesus ever since. She began writing songs about her love for Jesus in 2021 and released her first ever single, titled My Best Friend, in February of 2022! Now, she has a handful of singles out with more music on the way! Knowing & experiencing the healing power of music, Josie's goal in creating music is to help spread light and positivity throughout an otherwise dark world. 

Keep your eye out for new music from Josie that is currently in the works!

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"When I was young, my Mamaw would take me to church on Sundays and Wednesdays where I would run up on stage and sing for her before everyone else arrived. She was an angel in human form and always encouraged me to sing for the Lord. When she passed away, she took a little piece of me with her. I didn't attend church as often and definitely never sang in front of anyone for a while. I still loved to sing; I just kept it to myself for the most part. As I got older and back in the flow of attending church with my family, I eventually joined Grace Cowboy Church with no idea of how many doors would be opened for me. In 2019, the Grace Cowboy Band was formed with me as the lead singer. The other members of the band had been playing music for years and completely took me under their wing. Over the past few years, we have had multiple opportunities to travel around and meet new people who share the same love for Jesus as we have. Since I have started singing with the band and writing songs with David Mann, Uncle Dave as I call him, my love for music has only grown. I believe that Jesus speaks to us in many ways, whether we realize it or not. He speaks to me daily by placing different lyrics and song ideas into my head to bring to life. It brings me so much joy to be involved in the process of creating a song and then watch it go out and touch those that Jesus intended it for. I don't deserve to be used in such a mighty way, but I am so honored that He has chosen me to do the little bit of Kingdom work that I am able.

Music is healing. Music is powerful. Music is therapy. Jesus has always brought me back to music." - Josie x​

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